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The Rotaract Club of Central Tarlac was all started by the chartered members who wanted to be a catalyst in helping the community by any means. On June 18, 2016 the club was officially established in the City of Tarlac with 27 chartered members, which originally consist of young professionals who are also from Rotaract Club of Tarlac State University and Rotaract Club of STI – Tarlac. The club was officially chartered also thru the help of their Sponsoring Club, the Rotary Club of Central Tarlac headed by All Star President Odilon Tumang.

PP Therese Ann Soriano was elected as Charter President, Florence Hayley Garcia was Charter Vice President, Ana Genelle Cordero was Charter Secretary, and Ma. Rina Dela Cruz was Charter Treasurer. Also elected were four Charter Directors, Mary Grace Soriano (Director of Finance), Jonathan Hock Chye Bek (Director of Club Service), Aubrey Gabatino (Director of International Service) and Jan Francis Villavicencio (Director of Professional Development).

Some of the chartered members of the Club includes Dyanne April Alayon, Jay Almodovar, Per Canlas, Gerard Paolo Del Socura, Ma. Rose Janine Dela Cruz, Hazel Grace Diez, Michael Evan Domingo, Charlotte Garcia, Rachelle Ann Maliwat, Meryl Mae Mariano, Ellaine Navalon, Alexis Khyle Pangilinan, Xena Rendon, Emarie Joyce Simbre, John Vincent Sy, Glen Tinaripe, Maverick Torres, Natalie Simone Valdez, and Kristine Ann Valdez.